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Lilium – where Art and Taste meet

Beauty of Overflowing exhibits recent paintings by Terence Lee at Lilium in K11 Musea in parallel with Gitone in Soho East

Lilium (百合花), a symbol of tranquility and happiness, is another Art Tasting venture of Gitone established some 25 years ago to promote the mingling of Art and Dining in everyday life.

Sitting at a quiet spot on the 5th floor of K11 Musea, Lilium offers a delightful and vibrant environment for friends, family or business get-together to enjoy palatable multinational cuisines, surrounded by an impressive collection of paintings and ceramic arts. A complete indulgence of senses.

Ceramic Workshop is also offered for customers of all ages to get a taste of the fun.

Come for an unusual experience of Art and Taste today.

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