At Lilium, we offer a wide variety of multinational cuisines, meticulously prepared with ingredients of the highest quality and seasonal produce freshly available in the market.

Our chefs are dedicated to serving the most exquisite and palatable dishes to your satisfaction.

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Meet Our Team

Terence Lee  Owner, Painter and Ceramic Artist

A pioneer in blending Art and Taste in everyday life, Terence is also owner of Gitone, the famed Art Dining establishment in SOHO East, Hong Kong Island.

Cinderella Yeung  CEO and Executive Chef

Dedicated herself to the catering business since very young age, Cinderella is well versed in a great variety of multinational cuisines and wine pairing. An awards-winning Pro of many talents.


Zafer Kaya  Sous Chef

Certificates trained in culinary and hospitality services, Zafer has been assisting operations and developments of F&B business in Hong Kong with his expert knowledge in the past 5 years.

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